• Juni 13, 2021

HemogloBindT Trial Kit

Objective: Hemoglobin

Reactivity: Humans, various species

Detection method: Colorimetric

The lower limit of detection: 0.033 mg / ml

Request: Biochemical Assay (BCA)


The DetectX Hemoglobin Detection Kit is designed to quantitatively measure all forms of hemoglobin present in blood and red blood cells, or in plasma and serum.

Brand: DetectX

Example type: Blood, red blood cells, serum, plasma

Specificity: Validated sample types: whole blood, red blood cells, and hemolyzed serum and plasma

Sensitivity: 20 µg / mL


The Hemoglobin Detection Kit uses a single reaction solution that is stable at 4 ° C, not sensitive to light, and does not contain hazardous chemicals. All forms of hemoglobin rapidly convert to a single stable form that is photometrically measured at 560-580 nm. A human hemoglobin standard is provided to generate a standard curve for the assay. Available in two formats: regular format for whole blood and red blood cells, and high sensitivity format for plasma and serum.

Hemoglobin (Hgb) is an erythrocyte protein complex made up of two sets of identical pairs of subunits, each of which binds to an iron-porphyrin group commonly called heme. It generally contains two chains of alpha or alpha-type globulin, the remaining subunits can be beta, gamma, delta or epsilon, or in the case of babies, fetal hemoglobin that is replaced during the first year of life. Heme binds and releases oxygen or carbon dioxide in response to slight changes in local gas tension.

Free oxygen or carbon dioxide linked by a heme group facilitates the subsequent attachment of the other heme groups on a given hemoglobin molecule. Subtle changes in pH also regulate the affinity of hemoglobin for free gases, resulting in a high level of hemostatic control. Hemoglobin values ​​are associated with a variety of conditions ranging from anemia (low Hgb), erythrocytosis (high Hgb), thalassemias (aberrant chain synthesis), and sickle cell disorders (abnormal complex form).


  • 96-well clear plates Two plates
  • Hemoglobin Standard A human hemoglobin stock solution at 16 g / dL. 300 μl
  • Hemoglobin Sample Diluent Sample diluent containing detergent and ≤ 0.09% sodium azide. 50 ml
  • Hemoglobin detection reagent. A solution that contains chemicals that react with hemoglobin. Caustic. 20 ml

Material not included

  • Repeater pipette with disposable tips capable of dispensing 100 μL.
  • 96-well colorimetric microplate reader capable of reading optical density between 560 and 580 nm.
  • See reaction spectra below: Software to convert raw relative optical density readings from the plate reader and perform four-parameter logistic curve fit (4PLC).

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