• August 16, 2022

HEV-Seroprävalenz bei Blutspendern in der Türkei mit zwei kommerziellen Anti-HEV-ELISA-Kits.

Frühere Studien zur Seroprävalenz des Hepatitis-E-Virus (HEV) in der Türkei haben eine hohe Variabilität gezeigt, was zu widersprüchlichen Ergebnissen führte. Unser Ziel war es, die HEV-Seroprävalenz unter Blutspendern in der Türkei mit Hilfe der Enzymimmunoassay (ELISA)-Kits Wantai (Peking, China) und Dia.Pro (Mailand, Italien) neu zu bewerten, ihre Leistung zu vergleichen und das Vorhandensein von HEV-RNA…

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Ersatzdichtung ubc

In letzter Zeit haben viele verschiedene Unternehmen neue Produkte mit der neuesten Technologie herausgebracht. Zum Beispiel wurde ein neues Produkt von einem der renommiertesten Unternehmen der Welt herausgebracht: Honda! Dieses Unternehmen hat eine Vielzahl innovativer Produkte auf den Markt gebracht, darunter die Modelle Fit und SUV. Sie bieten eine große Auswahl an hochwertig gestalteten Autos, die in verschiedenen…

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BrdU Cell Proliferation

BrdU Cell Proliferation ELISA Kit

After eradicating labeling medium, cells are fastened and the DNA is denatured with our fixing/denaturing reply. Then a BrdU mouse mAb is added to detect the built-in BrdU (The denaturing of DNA is crucial to bolster the accessibility of the built-in BrdU to the detection antibody). Anti-mouse IgG, HRP-linked antibody is then used to acknowledge…

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Tissue Culture Products Orange Scientific

Tissue culture products orange scientific

Product of USP VI class virgin Polystyrene, extreme readability and toughness, extreme delicate transferability with minimal delicate distortion Simple-to-read amount scale Optimum optical readability for microscope comment Simple and safe stacking Packaged in “peel off” baggage to ease opening and are resealable thus stopping contamination Flasks are licensed as having been sterilised by gamma radiation…

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Direct PCR

Phire and Phusion Kits

What’s Direct PCR? Direct PCR (dPCR) is a technique of DNA amplification straight from an animal or plant tissue pattern with out performing DNA isolation and purification steps. This system drastically reduces experimental time, and price in genotyping and high-volume tasks. It additionally supplies a greater possibility when confronted with the challenges of amplifying a really…

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Biovision Rnase-R

RNase R from BioVision

RELATED PRODUCTS: • RNase A (Cat# M1227-25) • RNaseOFF ribonuclease Inhibitor (Cat# M1238-4000) • DNase, E.coli DNA Ligase (Cat# M1217-100) • Hyperlink-FAST 5 Minutes DNA Ligation Package deal (Cat# Okay902-50) • New T4 DNA Ligase (Cat# M1247-200) • T4 DNA Ligase (5 u/μl) (Cat# 9101-250) • T4 RNA Ligase 1 (ssRNA Ligase) (Cat# M1218-100) •…

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AquaClean Wak

AquaClean from Accurate Chemical

Product Data Identify: AquaClean Description: The AquaClean is a microbicide additive for stainless-steel thermostatic baths. It prevents the expansion of micro organism, algae, fungi and in addition the precipitation of inorganic salts. Description Microbiocidal additive for water soluble heating tub fluids. Inhibits progress of micro organism, viruses, algae, fungi and precipitation of inorganic salts. Starting…

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